Friday, July 16, 2010

Why (not How) Agile Works

Sean shared this with us over email this morning and I'd like to post it here for posterity.  I'm part-way through the presentation right now and it's pretty good.  I highly recommend that we share this with as many managers as possible.


  1. Nice quote I just heard in the presentation: "If a team is doing extreme programming the same way they were doing it a year ago, then they are no longer doing extreme programming." I don't think he quoted the original author of the quote but I like it. You could replace "extreme programming" with almost anything in the software world. Our careers, technology, and our software are and should be in a continuous cycle of improvement.

  2. Some more good quotes:
    Kent Beck: "Perfect is a verb, not an adjective."
    Neal Ford: "Cubicles make you dumber."

  3. Holy crap how they use music at their office is an awesome idea. Build breaks a different song comes on. Your check in works your theme song starts to play.

  4. The subject of music once came up for me on Slashdot: