Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gah, I Missed a Whole Month Again

Well, to be fair, it's been a busy month.  Remember that relocation for a new job many moons ago?  Well, I've finally managed to get my family relocated to join me.  So there's been much moving and much drama.  Not a lot of free time.

Additionally, as a consultant, there are busy periods.  Usually the time spent wrapping up one project and starting another.  This is one of those periods.

Finally, I've taken up an additional writing project above and beyond this blog.  For a while now my Stack Overflow profile has said:
"Career aspirations involve becoming a better developer, a better architect, and maybe even getting published once I find something about which to write."
Well, I have found something about which to write.  It's a little slow going at first, but it's going and that's the important part.  I'm actually quite excited about it.  Whether it eventually becomes a published book is another story entirely, but it's looking good from a very early stages point of view.  (So far I'm mostly reading through related and inspirational books, taking notes, getting my thoughts on paper, etc.  I'm drawing a lot of writing inspiration from Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott and my writing is currently in an early "short assignments" stage, not yet at "shitty first drafts.")

And the beat goes on, da da dum da dum da da...

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