Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recordings Are Coming, I Promise

I've given this Clean Code presentation of mine at work a couple of times. It's pretty simple, just a sort of intro into Robert Martin's book, and it's mainly targeting junior developers. But it's been very well-received at work and so I figured I'd do a screencast of it to share more widely. Indeed, I've been wanting to do screencasts of other things as well, so this will be a good first step into that medium.

As it turns out, this is really bloody difficult to do. I've been recording take after take, always finding something wrong. Editing isn't exactly a perfect process either, since I'm not satisfied with it if it doesn't seamlessly line up. So I continue to try these takes over and over.

A phone rings in the background, the kids come into the room and require attention, I stammer or make a mistake, the battery on my presentation tool runs down, I try taking the laptop somewhere else to do a quick recording attempt but the battery runs low, other system notifications pop up, etc.

This is hard. By comparison, actual public speaking is a piece of cake. You just do it and it's done. But privately recording something for public consumption, that's a whole other beast entirely. When standing up in front of an audience, a stammer quickly becomes a forgotten thing of the past or a mistake can be corrected. On a persisted medium like a video, that's not acceptable. It's there forever for all to see. Perfection is more critical.

This is going to take longer than I expected.

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