Monday, July 8, 2013

Refactoring Screencasts

Probably the biggest reason why I've been quiet for a while is that I've been focusing my efforts on some more company-internal stuff recently. Most notably a Code Dojo for my colleagues. It's a ton of fun, and we're sort of feeling our way around how to make it work. (I'm finding a lot of good information in Emily Bache's book on the subject, too.)

Given the team's vast geographic disparities, we've tried a few dojo-ish off-shoot styles to fit a strictly online-only (Microsoft Lync mostly), including walking though various samples and tutorials and such. Essentially treating the whole thing as a collaborative learning space for whatever we want to learn or share.

In that format, one of the things we've walked through was Martin Fowler's refactoring patterns. And I promised my colleagues that I'd make some persistent screencasts of the patterns that can be retained going forward, mostly since it wasn't really proper dojo format and is less likely to be repeated. Well, I've finally had a chance to start recording them, so here's the first series walking through the Composing Methods patterns:

Extract Method:

Inline Method:

Inline Temp:

Replace Temp With Query:

Introduce Explaining Variable:

Split Temporary Variable:

Remove Assignments To Parameters:

Replace Method With Method Object:

Substitute Algorithm:

That's in for the first series.  More to come!

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