Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Refactoring Screencasts V

There exist a host of excuses for why it took so long to get these finished. But they boil down to two:
  1. There is no quiet place to record at home.
  2. There is no quiet place to record at work.
The first one is being remedied as we speak, for I'm in the process of moving to a new house and there will be space to set aside for a make-shift "recording studio" in said house. (Which will basically be a table and chair in the basement with some heavy blankets draped around it for sound dampening. But it's something at least. Note, however, that this "being remedied" is a long and drawn-out process, to be followed by the holidays, so I may be quiet for a while. But I digress...)

The second one hadn't been a problem during the summer, when my work mainly involved travel and hotel rooms are notoriously quiet when one is alone. However, for some time now I've been "between projects" and mainly sitting around in the company's office. (Which is not normally where a consultant spends his time.) Again, normally this isn't a problem. We have a conference room for this sort of thing. But another large project has been much taken over our office's conference room, for reasons I'm not aware of but aren't so uncommon to bear going into.

Yesterday, however, the conference room was inexplicably empty. So I was able to knock out the remaining recordings for the Making Method Calls Simpler series in an afternoon. Hopefully they don't appear hurried as a result. In any event, here they are. Enjoy!

Rename Method

Add Parameter

Remove Parameter

Separate Query From Modifier

Parameterize Method

Replace Parameter With Explicit Methods

Preserve Whole Object

Replace Parameter With Method

Introduce Parameter Object

Remove Setting Method

Hide Method

Replace Constructor With Factory Method

Encapsulate Downcast

Replace Error Code With Exception

Replace Exception With Test

Next I'll move on to the Dealing With Generalization series of patterns.

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